Casino Etiquette- Blackjack

We look at the Blackjack Etiquette. In this way players play against the dealer, but it is still possible to inconvenience the players around you!


  • When playing blackjack it is advisable to use one hand. It is easy to get thrown out if you are caught acting suspiciously or moving your cards out of sight.
  • Once you have placed your wager, do not touch it again till you are paid.
  • If you don’t like your cards, it is preferable to change tables than to keep asking for a new deck.
  • Do not use abusive language towards the dealer or other players – this will get you escorted of the premises.
  • It is not civil to accuse the dealer of cheating if you fail to win several hands in quick succession.
  • Asking the dealer to spill their hole card is not civil especially when the dealer has already looked under at their ace. No dealer would want to risk their job over a wager.
  • Although it might seem helpful to the dealer to turn your cards over once your hand has been completed, it is not. Dealers have got a routine when it comes to the pickup. Such actions just slow them down. Besides, dealers have to spread the cards in a certain way to enable the cameras to see them.