Casino Etiquette – Craps

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We’ll begin with Craps, because it can be the most intimidating. Here are a few things every aspiring Craps player needs to know:

  • One of the most important rules in the game of Craps is “do not interfere with the dice”. The last thing you want to do is accidentally alter a toss with your hands and interfere with the game. So keep your hands well away from the dice when they are being thrown.
  • Always remember that a dealer is never permitted to receive chips or cash directly from players. Placing your cash on top of the layout is the proper thing to do prior to the shooter getting the dice. You can then request for “change only” from the dealer. Asking the dealer to break a note for change is not permitted.

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  • Know the wagers that you can make in the game. Read up on the rules so you know the difference between the Pass or Don’t Pass bets, the Big 6/8, odds, come bets, field bets and others. Always request that the dealer make wagers that you cannot reach yourself by placing your money on the layout before making the request.
  • Use the rails found under your table to store your chips. Also, use the shelving provided underneath for drinks. Never place drinks on the felt. Although it is sometimes frowned-upon to bet against the other players, thereby hoping for their failure, it is not actually against the rules.