Casino Etiquette – Poker

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There’s a lot more than just rules to behaving like a Poker Pro. A pro knows how to make sure their conduct does not ruin the game for others.

  • Don’t tall or delay the game: the pace of the game when playing with friends is not so strictly enforced at a casino or tournaments, but you still shouldn’t waste time by ordering snacks, or chatting when it’s your play.
  • Make sure that your personal hygiene is up to scratch – shower and wear clean clothes and deodorant.
  • Make sure you know when it’s your play – acting out of turn will confuse other players and can very well ruin the game for them.

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Video Poker:

This is a less sociable, simplified version of the game, but there are still some rules to when playing video poker:

  • It is advisable to play on a single machine whenever the casino is crowded. This will help you keep an eye on your machine in case of pick-pockets and scammers.
  • A player may put their cup on their seat or on a handle when the person wants a rest. This is indicative that the player is still using that machine. Take note of these signs before you occupy someone else’s machine.
  • Limit yourself to playing on only one machine at a time – this will help you keep track of the game, and it’s rude to occupy more than one machine when others wish to play.