Effective Poker Strategy

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Despite the fact that books and blogs have been written about effective poker strategies, each player has his or her own unique way of playing the game. Some successful professionals know nothing about the numbers and statistics involved in the game, while some unfortunate amateurs have memorized the odds of every potential draw. The most fundamental aspect of an effective poker strategy is to know yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

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Poker players are all too often their own worst enemies. They become emotionally involved in a game or a rivalry and play hands they would not normally play, chase potential draws too far and make bets that they would not normally make. Keeping your emotions in check is vital to success in poker, whether you play online or at the tables.

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Instead of becoming too emotional, step back from the game and simply pay attention. At the tables, you may learn to tell when one player or another is bluffing, winning you valuable pots. Even online players have strategies that can be unravelled – is one playing aggressively, even with weak hands? Is another playing too conservatively? By paying attention, you can play each hand more effectively; winning hands that a more casual player would have lost.