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Jeremy Dalton - Gambling ExpertResiding within Greater London, I’ve always garnered great appreciation for national pride and recreational talent. When it comes to poker, I feel every individual can facilitate change within the community and I’ve consistently worked to provide accurate and relevant information to my community. My name is, and was a brain-child birthed from accomplishment and love of sport.

Poker, Roulette and Blackjack reside within my and my colleague’s hearts. Because of the passion we share, we’ve continuously delivered relevant information pertaining to great gambling games. For myself, Tommy Warrister and Sasha Hennigar, competing with professional players has been an act of grace rather than urgency. The site was birthed from our community’s weekend-based post-game-mock-up consulting group.

The Gambling Consutancy Team

The Gambling Consultancy Team

We discussed every gambling game under the sun. We consulted with local professionals, industry advisers and gambling enthusiasts about the tips and tricks of the sport. Soon, our neighbors, friends and family members joined. One day, Tommy expressed his feelings pertaining to our group’s scale. Within two months, was created, and we’d birthed fantastic relationships with industry elites across several online platforms.

In the modern age, gambling deserves transparency and an informative approach. For youngsters, frequenters and professionals, the sport’s intricacies and complexities are incredibly awe-inspiring. We’ve been streamlined towards success since our initial creation, and have been full steam ahead ever since.

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Sasha is an experienced semi-professional casino consultant who has repeatedly delivered comprehensive programs, teaching seminars and training programs for our group. While we’ve all individually aided the website, Sasha is the backbone.

Delivering great tips and tricks through a well-founded network is important, and we feel information is the new age’s boon. We feel a high-affiliate approach to information gathering muddles things up, so we’ve consistently stood against high-establishment-provided advice. It’s about the love of the game; it’s not about equipping oneself with well-endowed club names and useless information.

Gambling consultants and advice-givers are crucial for those interested in enhancing their gaming experience. Licenses, regulations, sources: We had the tips, and now we’re in the trade. Discovering one’s business is incredibly illuminating.

For Tommy, Sasha and I, spreading knowledge to a diverse and passionate player community has been incredible. We promise to provide assistance, just as we did before, to a community rising from life’s many avenues—and all for the love of gaming.